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date idea for couple who enjoy getting outdoors

Outdoor Activities

Head outdoors on your next Tweed holiday to explore epic mountain trails, navigate wide, winding rivers, breathe in fresh air, stretch the legs, test your endurance or simply be still and embrace Mother Nature. Being outside here is both restorative and energising, pulse-racing or meditative, and always an adventure.

couple swimming at waterfall

Choose Your Own Adventure

How does outdoor adventure look to you? Is it on the water or up in the sky, close to earth or beneath sea level; is it a solo challenge or a collective effort, does it stretch you or soothe you? Whatever your choice of outdoor immersion, it can be found in the Tweed, from deep-sea diving to skydiving, self-guided hikes to cycling in a pack. There are events in the great outdoors, tours to take, lookouts to find and days upon days to fill.